How Do Colors in Abstract Art Become An intuitive Healing Tool?

Colorful Abstract Art is not a copying of a landscape or a copying of anything else as if a picture taken from a camera.  Colorful Abstract Art is very much like the Picasso quote

“Painting is a blind man's profession. He paints not what he sees, but what he feels, what he tells himself about what he has seen….”
Pablo Picasso

Abstract Art uses color and seemingly abstract form to create a feeling or sense of something.  That something is very subjective and can change form from day to day, from mood to mood, from the soft light of morning, the intense light at noon, the muted light at dusk and the lighting of the home at night.  Thus, the images you see in Abstract Art full of colors can change and transform according to mood, light, perception and what subjectively is going on in your life at the time of viewing.

Even though, as an example, a piece of Colorful Abstract Art that appears as an abstract cluster of orchids, the orchids themselves can mutate into something quite different when viewed under differing lighting and mood.   It reminds me of what I once read in one of Stuart Wilde’s books, about a way of looking at things, paraphrased to my subjective conjecture….in our everyday life we tend to look at things such as a tree but when looking at the leaves between the branches of the tree a whole a new image or images can appear which makes the viewing so much more interesting,  Or  as I have come to see it, when one looks at the tree differently or any image differently they see contrasting or fresh images.  And such is the metaphor for love, relationships, work, and all manner of  life.

Abstract Art full of colors becomes an intuitive healing tool that immerses the seer into the depths of ones soul.  And within the depths of ones soul there are countless untold facets to explore.  This exploration can take place over an infinity of time thereby making the art piece a finely tuned mechanism that one never tires of, that one becomes to feel accomplished with and in fact becomes more therapeutic with age and more viewing.

©Marsha Bakko 2015